2 Mikes and Annunaki Tech.

The First Mike:

If you have never heard of Micheal Ledwith or his occult works, then beware. Besides his being a man full of moral debauchery, he also insists on adding an Aleph in front of the Hebrew text we know as Genesis 1:1. Mr. Ledwith had tremendous influence with the Roman Catholic Church before his exit thereof.

Now, I realize the obvious remedy would be to flatly assert that Aleph is NOT necessary to be placed at the start of Hebrew sacred scriptures. To think otherwise (as Mr. Ledwith does) is to add to the text for demonic reasons which arose with Jewish mystical fads such as Kabbalah. Of course, the Bible clearly indicates there will be severe judgment upon those who add to or take away from the Bible (Rev. 22:19).

The Second Mike:

Unfortunately, Mr. Ledwith has a following; and at least one of his proponents is Michael Tellinger, who has been gaining traction in 2014 for his tracing the ancient Annunaki (wikipedia) and wishing to recreate their energy tech. This is nothing more than occult practice and is to be avoided at all costs!




Michael Tellinger’s Hidden Origins: Exposing Humanity’s Ancient Secrets 

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