Free Pastoral Review Survey

As a pastor, I know from the Bible what God expects of me. He does expect maturity but He does not require perfection, and that is why the survey below includes words like, “generally” and “often” and “consistently.” These are matters of faith. Likewise, believers can and should expect their pastor(s) to show the kind of spiritual maturity and consistency the Bible describes as fitting an elder/pastor.

However, like God, fellow members of Christ’s body should not expect perfection of their pastor(s) or anything that would be outside of his biblical role description, (ex. he should not be: administrator, financial director, executive, business “church” office worker). Not putting these kind of limitations and labels on an elder or pastor are matters of grace, mutual humility, respect for God’s design of church roles, and mutual honor.

In that light, I present a Pastoral Review Survey… to serve as both a self-check for the pastor and as a way to keep constructive lines of communication open between fellow believers and ministers everywhere.

May I suggest that if a part of the body does choose to utilize this survey, then he or she should hand-deliver the answers to his or her pastor(s)’ secretary or office in the form of a type-written, anonymous and enclosed letter. Keeping the survey anonymous is not an invitation to be nasty. Rather, it is to keep matters objective for both the writer and the recipient. Do all things with mutual humility, grace and love, and to the glory of God.

Blessings of love and favor!

Sam Kean


PASTORAL REVIEW SURVEY: (download PDF: Pastoral Review Survey)

1. Is your pastor(s) generally well-tempered and approachable, evoking trust?

2. Has your pastor(s) shown hospitality? Does he adequately visit and show care for those who request visits, require visits or those who are hospitalized? Does he invite others to his home or to dinners/outings?

3. On a scale of 1-10, ten being excellent and one (1) being poor, how do you find your pastor(s)’ listening skills (ex. focus, devotion, understanding, compassion)?

4. Does your pastor(s) often show adequate people skills (ex. easy-going yet temperate in conversation, impartial in association/fellowship, remembering names, generous in attitude, fair and balanced in responses)?

5. Does your pastor(s) consistently (more than not) display competent servant-based professional skills (ex. On time, preparedness, readiness, flexibility, follow-through, accommodating, adaptable, leading by example and encouragement).

6. Have you received spiritual help and edification from the sermons your pastor(s) delivers? Are they adequately timed? Have you noticed any ill-temper (overt negativity) within sermons? Would you say your pastor’s sermons are mainly teaching/encouraging or commanding/rebuking?

7. Would you like your pastor(s) to preach on topics or a series of messages from a certain book of the Bible, or a good mix of both?

8. Do you gather from conversations and sermons that the pastor(s) has a direction in which to take the church spiritually? And, if so, does that direction seem to come from God or the man himself (e.g. Controlling vs. Empowering others, Unwilling to hear the ideas of others vs. Listening to the needs and input of others, Man-made traditions & rules vs. Sound & gracious principles from the Bible, demanding vs. patient, impractical & exasperating vs. offering hope-filled steps forward)?

9. Does your pastor(s) appear to be discontent or loving of money in any way? Please graciously explain, if so.

10. Are you sure your pastor(s) is a man of prayer–that he is praying even for you? Do you feel spiritually reliant on your pastor(s)? Or, does he make you think & feel like knowing God for yourself is possible?

11. After your pastor preaches or teaches, who seems “bigger & better,” God or your pastor(s)?

12. Other comments or recommendations?

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