Daily Devotion-June 26, 2015-Revival Is Not an Event

Truth in Palmyra

Revival….every night this week except Tuesday! All welcome!

Today’s lesson is just going to be a very short one, and oddly enough I have not included a scripture, as these are really just my idle thoughts on this matter.

Reading the above, as it was seen on a church sign a couple of years ago just made the question arise in my mind: “So…what happens Tuesday? Does everybody have to get re revived come Wednesday?” And is re revived a real word? Okay, I am sure readers get the point.

As I said in the introduction to our study here, I had a commenter make the remark that for years he considered revival simply something he attended. That is still true, in that for many churches revival is simply something they do once a year to punch the revival ticket.  So, just some random thoughts here:

Revival is…

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