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  1. HE CALLS DISCIPLES TO HIMSELF, so that they might be with Him: to learn (3:14, 16 – 6:6)
    1. First Lesson: Jesus calls even the one who would betray him. [*hint: they all did] — 3:13-19
    2. Second Lesson: Jesus is both sought for and belittled by people at home:
      1. Some want a miracle, not your teaching; Some call you crazy (1:35-45; 3:20-21)
      2. Some will give you no honor, because they “know” you (6:1-6)
    3. Third Lesson: Jesus is defamed and denounced, because the Holy Spirit is Blasphemed. (3:22-30)
    4. Fourth Lesson: The true family of Jesus are those who do God’s will, no matter what is said of Jesus. (3:31-35; 6:1-6)
    5. Fifth Lesson: What the Kingdom (and ministering the Word of the Kingdom) is like: [He taught them by Parables (4: 9-12, 33-34)]
      1. Parable of the Sower and Soils (4:1-25) = When proclaiming the Word, there are only ever a few responses.
      2. Parable of the Lamp (4:21-25) = If someone is truly a believer, you will know it. A lamp cannot be hidden, and it will provide light, just like all secrets eventually come out.
      3. Parable of the Seed (4:26-29) = Some people will live among and mimic true believers (true seed). But, really, they are just weeds.
      4. Parable of the Mustard Seed (4:30-34) = The Kingdom of God starts small but then grows up to be very large—so large that it overgrows all other religions. Then, those (false) religions retaliate by seeking “shelter” in the “religion” of the Kingdom of God, a.k.a. infiltration by false teachers/wolves in sheep’s clothing
    6. Sixth Lesson: Trust in Jesus’ Care and Authority when Afraid (4:35-41) — Calming the Sea.
    1. Having authority to preach (3:14) — To Proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom
    2. And having authority to… (3:15)
      1. Cast out demons (5:1-20)
      2. Heal the sick (5:21-43)

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