Reverse Engineering DNA

Below, find top news coming out of the genomics world. Here is solid evidence that geneticists are back-engineering human DNA for population eugenics purposes:


“…. Develop phylogenies of all human non-recombining haploid segments, derive the Reconstructed Ancestral Human Reference Sequence, create population-specific linkage maps, and use the phylogenies to help with population genetics, …” (Get Topical)

What is the Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence (RSRS)?

The Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence (RSRS) is a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) reference sequence that uses both a global sampling of modern human samples and samples from ancient hominids. It was introduced in early 2012 as a replacement for the rCRS (revised Cambridge Reference Sequence). Because it is based on the likely modal haplotype of the common ancestor to both modern humans and such ancient groups as the Neanderthals, it shows an unbiased path back from any one modern mtDNA sequence to our distant common maternal ancestor.

Behar, D. M., van Oven, M., Rosset, S., Metspalu, M., Loogväli, E.-L., Silva, N. M., Kivisild, T., Torroni, A., and Villems, R. (2012). A “copernican” reassessment of the human mitochondrial DNA tree from its root. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 90(4):675-684.
( )

Why is this important? Besides RSRS being touted as a transcendence of evolution; and besides its uses in population genetics being disturbingly similar to NAZI eugenics projects like Lebensborn, the Book of Genesis speaks of humanity’s DNA having been altered in the days of Noah. In rabbinic tradition, this alteration came through the cohabitation of fallen angels with mankind. To those holding this interpretation, the reason God spared Noah and his family is “Noah was… perfect in his genomic heritage” (Genesis 6:9). After Noah, the human race endured yet more incursions of “demigods.” The prophet Daniel (2:42-43) states in the End Times mankind will once again have our DNA (genetic code, gametes, “seed”) mixed with “their” (fallen angel) fabricated seed. As Jesus says, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man” (Matthew 24:37).

Resurrection Science – Trailer from Eric Paternot on Vimeo.

In geneticists’ attempts to reach back into the mtDNA anals of humanity, will they retrieve (mistakenly or by intent) the “corrupted” DNA sequences of past fallen angel/demigod incursions—call them Neanderthals, Proto-man, humanoids or otherwise? Transhumanism clearly desires to utilize biotech like CRISPR to accomplish a eerily coincidental goal, as described in books like Resurrection Science. Geneticists are attempting to recover Neanderthal DNA and splice it with our own. Their big ethics question is not the morality of doing this abomination but “who will carry the egg—ape or woman?” This is nothing short of an abomination.

If geneticists are resurrecting Neanderthals, what would stop scientists from doing the same with historical humans, with the most notable humans for which we have genetic material—ex. The Pharoahs and Queens of Egypt, or even Gilgamesh (a.k.a. biblical Sumerian/proto-Babylonian Nimrod) who was equated with Osiris and Apollo in ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman cultures. In the Hindu worship, he is revered as Shiva the destroyer…the very same whose statue stands outside of CERN today. Nimrod is revered by the occult, and they seek his resurrection. These names of Nimrod are the same as the spirit called Apollyon / Abaddon in the Bible. Will the work of “resurrection science” be the fulfillment of Revelation 9:11 Apollyon / Abaddon?

[UPDATE: First CRISPR Trial in Humans to Start Next Month]

[UPDATE: International Committee Cautiously Endorses DNA Editing of Unborn Babies | Christian News

[UPDATE: Forget Mammoths, We Could Bring Dinosaurs and Neanderthals Back to Life | Futurism]



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