The Alternate History of Nazi Defeat

World history agrees that Hitler’s Nazi III Reich was defeated. However, the terms of that defeat—as enforced by the Ally powers—was not Nazi submission to annihilation. That is, rather than completely destroying all vestiges and personnel of the demonically-charged, occult, mass-murdering Nazis; the Ally powers assumed the technology and even the most prominent (occulted) “scientists” via operations like “Operation/Project Paperclip.” In this way, did the Nazi’s actually win? 

[side note: Nazis obtained their eugenics agenda from the USA:: “The Gene, An Intimate History” by Siddhartha Mukherjee]

In the following videos (via SkyWatchTV), researcher Steve Quayle discusses evidences which substantiate the continuance of the occult workings of the Nazis… and even their diaspora into the remote and hidden places of the world, in order to continue their dark agenda.

Steve Quayle joins host Derek Gilbert to discuss his most amazing new work “Empire Beneath the Ice” and the esoteric connection between the Nazis and the occult quest that drove Hitler and German elites to find an underworld location of the gods.

Did the Nazis actually win World War II? Steve Quayle, author of the new book ‘Empire Beneath the Ice’, says yes, and discusses the evidence for a secret Nazi base in Antarctica that was the target of a top secret US military mission in 1946-47.

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