Question & Answer: What is the Longest Anyone Could Go without Sin?

Brother Sam, I have an odd question. What do you think the longest is one man could go without any sin?

Well, that is quite a hypothetical. The point is not to be sinless but to sin less, as a way of showing love to God. 

A dear professor once said to me, “Can you go without openly sinning in this moment?”
“Yes,” I replied.

Then, he said, “What about the next moment?”


He finished by saying, “Then by that grace of Jesus, focus continually only on this moment, not the past or future.”

I think you understand his point—we should not focus on being perfect in the future… or how long we can go / have gone without sinning, because (until we see Him) none of us are perfect like Jesus is perfect (1 John 1 – 3).  We need only focus on walking with God each present moment.

And, the Bible says, “IF anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ the Righteous.” (1 John 2:1-4)

So, God looks at the believer and says, “IF you sin,….” I tell people that sinning is a big IF in the eyes of our Father, when he looks at us. In Jesus, you have everything you need not to sin; but if you do sin, well then, Jesus is there for you to turn to. And, His nail-pierced hands both prove he still wants you, and that, He died for that sin too. 

We shouldn’t let fear of sinning keep us from enjoying our union with God; and we shouldn’t let shame and guilt keep us from Him either. Just focus on loving Him who first loves us!


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