“Multi-Ethnic Missional Planting: Colonization vs Community” with Erica Wrencher, Brandon Wrencher, Dan White Jr, and Lori Ruffin,

we discuss points on:

• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

• The Problem of Gentrification/Displacement

• 7 Shifts from Colonialism to Community

• Questions specific to multi-ethnic church planting

Feel free to share this replay with a pastor or practitioner friend who could benefit from this important conversation about Multi-Ethnic Missional Planting.

Erica and Brandon are happy to connect with you for further discussion around these topics. You can contact them at liberatingchurch.org

They have generously provided their webinar PDF for you to look back on. Scroll down below for a download.

We also want to share with you the upcoming Praxis Gathering and our 2018 Learning Cohort. See details below!

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Learning Cohorts

V3 Learning Cohort – Learn More


September 28-29, 2018


It has become daily news to see Leaders abuse their power or observe their character crumble. In the last few decades we’ve baptized business practices and hierarchical structures—it has ravaged the soul of the Church. We need another way forward. At Praxis 2018 we’ll explore how we can move beyond these-leadership approaches to illuminate soul-healthy men and woman leading together. Let’s awaken our churches to equip and release all of God’s people for mission. Join us and 250 + other planters and practitioners as we Re-Imagine Leadership in this new world.

Register Here

Webinar PDF

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