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Jon Zens is an American author, speaker, scholar and theologian on Christian topics. Zens is best known for pioneering New Covenant Theology, which sees the entire Bible as a revelation of the gospel of grace fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Christians are no longer under the Law of Moses, but under grace.

According to Zens, the Law is fulfilled in Christ and reveals Christ. Jesus’s words to love God and love one another fulfills the Law. New Covenant Christians are called to walk in love and through repentance and faith in Christ, they can receive God’s grace, which includes the forgiveness of sins and the power to do God’s will. See “Is There a Covenant of Grace?” by Jon Zens

Zens is also an expert on the Anabaptist history and theology. He holds a B.A. in Biblical studies from Covenant College, a M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, and a D.Min. from the California Graduate School of Theology.

He is the editor of Searching Together magazine, which was originally started in 1972 as the Baptist Reformation Review. The original editor was Norbert Ward, based in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1975, Zens moved to Nashville to work with Norbert on the magazine.

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