Think Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools Are a No-Brainer? Think Again – Rewire.News – Religion Dispatches

Advocates of school yoga and mindfulness are no doubt sincere when they speak of these practices as secular resources that are desperately needed by a troubled education system, but there are compelling reasons to be skeptical. — Read on

Power, Deception, and the Church

Christendom, like all institutions when threatened, tries to protect itself. There continues to be a lot of headlines about Christian leaders and Christian systems that look nothing like our Lord. Christendom is not Christ. We must not be deceived.— Diane Langberg, PhD (@DianeLangberg) May 22, 2019

Q&A: How Do We Avoid the Draw toward Toxic Power, to Institutionalize Egalitarian, Organic Faith Community?

Another way of asking thos question is, “What does egalitarian, organic faith community even function; and how do we keep it that Non-institutional?” “I was involved in a study group for about 15 yrs and one rule we had was everyone at the meeting was equal and not welcome if they felt they had to […]

Classic Anabaptist Interpretations of Romans 13 Re: Church and State

Romans 13 & the State (Young Anabaptist Radicals) How Jeff Sessions reads Romans 13 and how my Mennonite Sunday school class does (Melissa Florer-Bixler) Nonviolence 101 – Submit to the Sword, but Do Not Carry One! [Romans 12-13] (part 5) (Kurt Willems) Romans 13: An Interpretation (Peace Theology) Against Empire: A Yoderian Reading of Romans …

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