The 3 Discrediting Faults of the Council of Nicea (325 CE)

1. Constantine “invited” 1800 church representatives to the Council of Nicea, but only 300 attended. That is 84% refusing the emperor and 16% complying with the emperor’s demands. 16% is hardly a quorum. Accordingly, are we to believe that these 300 out of 1800 were specially inspired & spoke with Divine authority for all Christians, …

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The Betrayal of Jesus by… Eusebius

I couldn't agree more. I trace it back to when Eusebius wrote Christ out of ecclesiastical history in order to create Christendom and prop Constantine up as the god ordained emperor of Rome.— Mark Charles (@wirelesshogan) April 18, 2019

Nicaea: not Rome’s Authority

In his 2016 article, Evangelical Exodus: The Protestant seminary that produced dozens of Catholic converts, Paul Senz describes a happening that perhaps precipitated or maybe merely coincides with the more recent #Exvangelical and #EmptyThePews phenomena. From Personal Experience Having personally attended classes at Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2013, I feel as though I dodged a …

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Constantine the Puppet

There has been a lot of talk and defences recently about the validity of Constantine's Christianity. This line of conversation is important, because Church leaders look to Constantine as the figure who fathered the Roman Catholic Church in its form of unity between State and Church. Some theologians and church historians who focus on the "First …

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