J. K. Rowling on the Effects of “isms” and the Complex Coexistence of Good & Evil

Here’s @jk_rowling on:A. the effects of “isms” (#discrimination & #prejudice) & labels placed on others day-to-day. B. the complex nature of good & evil in persons, as portrayed in #FantasticBeasts: #TheCrimesOfGrindelwald pic.twitter.com/O2XA2WfQTd— Lamb's Harbinger (aka @OtterFella) (@LambsHarbinger) July 4, 2019 https://t.co/GnBlnkpib9— Lamb's Harbinger (aka @OtterFella) (@LambsHarbinger) July 4, 2019

When We Were Free

Ask an ethnicity its greatest resentment, and hatred for oppressors will enter your ears. Native Americans dislike the French, Spanish, United States and English who "conquered" them for gold and land. African Americans understandably despise English and those of early United States history for stealing their lives for slave labor. Much the same, the Irish …

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