The 3 Discrediting Faults of the Council of Nicea (325 CE)

1. Constantine “invited” 1800 church representatives to the Council of Nicea, but only 300 attended. That is 84% refusing the emperor and 16% complying with the emperor’s demands. 16% is hardly a quorum. Accordingly, are we to believe that these 300 out of 1800 were specially inspired & spoke with Divine authority for all Christians, …

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The Betrayal of Jesus by… Eusebius

I couldn't agree more. I trace it back to when Eusebius wrote Christ out of ecclesiastical history in order to create Christendom and prop Constantine up as the god ordained emperor of Rome.— Mark Charles (@wirelesshogan) April 18, 2019

Nicaea: not Rome’s Authority

In his 2016 article, Evangelical Exodus: The Protestant seminary that produced dozens of Catholic converts, Paul Senz describes a happening that perhaps precipitated or maybe merely coincides with the more recent #Exvangelical and #EmptyThePews phenomena. From Personal Experience Having personally attended classes at Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2013, I feel as though I dodged a …

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It Begins

RT @BurkeCNN: Jewish & Muslim leaders react to Vatican's recognition of Palestinian statehood — CNN Religion (@CNNbelief) May 13, 2015 By "It," I mean a religiously charged, geopolitical war centered around Jerusalem... and which will require a religiously oriented, geopolitical peace treaty to bring about "peace and safety." ___________________ OTHER RESOURCES: PA joins …

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The Consolidation of the Covenant Community

When I visited Rome this summer, and as I ambled up and down its most touristy streets, I spotted a prominent Anglican church on Via del Babuino and told my wife, "That's ironic for Rome. Let's go in just for giggles." As we looked around the walls of that sanctuary, I spied a 2 part …

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