Rick Perry Labels DJT “the Chosen One”

Fox & Friends preview an interview with Rick Perry, where he says that Trump is "the chosen one" and "sent by God to do great things" Pete Hegseth: "God has used imperfect people forever," but what Trump "has withstood is unlike what really any other mortal could understand" pic.twitter.com/ITDAErMJiN — Courtney Hagle (@CourtneyHagle) November 24, …

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A Recent Local Controversy Reveals the Theocratic Heart of ‘Project Blitz’ – Rewire.News – Religion Dispatches

The Christian nationalist intentions of Project Blitz have also received much attention, but a remarkable episode in Minnesota this past state legislative session may be a harbinger of a more profoundly theocratic politics on the horizon. — Read on rewire.news/religion-dispatches/2019/06/24/a-recent-local-controversy-may-reveal-the-soft-theocracy-at-the-heart-of-project-blitz/