Think Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools Are a No-Brainer? Think Again – Rewire.News – Religion Dispatches

Advocates of school yoga and mindfulness are no doubt sincere when they speak of these practices as secular resources that are desperately needed by a troubled education system, but there are compelling reasons to be skeptical. — Read on

Yoga, Mindfulness & Buddhism’s Subversive Agenda

Mindfulness is mindlessness, and yoga is Buddhism's means of making converts. "That's absurd!" shout the detractors. I reply, "Have you not researched the source and promoters of the CAM Therapy movement in Europe and the Americas, or have you not read that Buddhists believe one's performing the actions of yoga is to practice Buddhism and …

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Everything or Nothing | Freedom of Religion

To anyone who has read what I've written before on matters which concern separation of church and state or the negative consequences of the Enlightenment, this article will be no surprise. Due to history, my pacifism and Anabaptist theology, I do not see socio-polticial conservatism as Christianity. My beliefs do not require others to share my …

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